A Form of Distribution in Which Manufacturer Makes an Agreement Mcq

156. A_________ discount is offered by the Seller to the intermediary, who performs functions such as the sale, storage and preservation of records. 8. Rolex sells its watches through a number of high-end retail partners (e.B department stores and jewellers) with relatively few stores. What do you call this type of sales strategy? 22. At each stage of the supply chain, __ is added to the purchased product (i.e. it is converted into something more desirable and can therefore reach a higher price). 6. What is an alternative term for a sales channel? 175.

The advantages of audience selectivity, no advertising competition and personalisation apply to what type of media? Retailer means any organization whose maximum share of sales comes from the retail trade. In the supply chain, retailers are the last link between manufacturers and end users. 3. The Internet has opened up new distribution channels. True or false? In intensive distribution, a company tries to distribute its product on a large scale, that is, through as many points of sale as possible. (3) Control of the flow of information to the point of sale 44. Which of the following is a statistical indicator of equality in income distribution? 15. Luxury goods such as haute couture and designer clothing would normally have very few (perhaps only one) distributor. What do you call it? A distribution channel is a chain of companies or intermediaries through which the final buyer purchases a good or service. 25.

The use of different types of channels (e.B shops in shopping streets as well as on the Internet) to reach the same potential target market is called distribution _____. 2. A supply chain is a network of companies and organisations through which goods pass to their final destination. True or false? 210. A method in which brand equity is measured by comparing the difference between the retail price of the mark and the retail price of a non-branded product of the same category is called as follows: Statement (I): The design of a distribution system for a service (for profit or non-commercial) involves the selection of the parties through which ownership is transferred. Car and motorcycle manufacturers generally strive to ensure exclusive distribution. 214. Choosing between high margins and high volume is one of the following marketing decisions for retailers? 21. The location or distribution is often summarized in such a way that the right ____ is brought to the right place at the right time.

A form of distribution in which the manufacturer enters into an agreement, in which an intermediary in each market area determines that the distribution of the product within that product should be limited exclusively to that intermediary, is called -1. Mass distribution2). Exclusive distribution in agencies3). Selective distribution4). Distribution of prizes (3) Try to resolve disputes between work and management List of more than 200 types of marketing objectives or multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs)! It will also help you learn about the objective(multiple choice) marketing questions and answers most likely to be asked in SBI, IBPS, BANK PO and other banking audits. This article will also help you pass various competition exams. 49. Just-in-time (JIT) technology is becoming more and more accepted worldwide, the technology was first introduced by (4) creating a list of products to sell to customers Explanation (III): Short channels usually mean more control on the part of the seller. .

(1) Population characteristics based on age or sex or ownership of a particular long-lived consumer (1) Direct marketing is directed to employees of the undertaking concerned, while indirectly to foreigners (3) a targeted transport cost ratio (4) A group of people on whom sales should focus 5. The name of a Microsoft Office Word document appears both in the ??. and the taskbar. 6. How do I print your slides in a document with lines for the notes? 54. The allocation of certain posts and posts to the selected candidates is known as____________ 52. A situation in which the market is expanded by the development of new products to satisfy the new needs of consumers is called (1) a vehicle to present the sponsor`s products, (1) a person working in a bank / financial institution The correct answer is to remove intermediaries from the channel structure (3) The call for more socially responsible marketing (2) Direct marketing is aimed at foreigners, Although it applies indirectly to the employees of the company concerned, it is clear from the above statement that statements (I) and (II) are not accurate, but (III) are correct. 206.

In the case of banking services, the market can be segmented on the basis of: 125. Goods typically purchased by a consumer on the basis of a comparison of relevance, quality, price and style are goods called___________. 11. Which companies represent and sell goods on behalf of other companies in a particular market? 94. Marketing is a socio-economic activity because: 13. The International Chamber of Commerce has developed a set of rules for the interpretation of international conditions. These rules define how activities, costs and risks are to be shared between the buyer and the seller. .


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